Did you know that foot problems affect over half the population? Did you know that there is a link between foot health and over all well-being? Chiropodists are important members of clinical teams. They are responsible for early detection of many diseases and play a key role in preventing those aspects which affect the feet and lower limbs.

The Health Centre’s Chiropodists can educate you about foot health, assist in managing foot disorders, assess, diagnose, prescribe, and carry out treatments related to your feet. Care is provided to patients of all ages with needs related to:

  • Wound care/foot pain
  • Corns/calluses
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Flat feet/high arches
  • Athlete’s foot/warts/fissures
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Sport injuries
  • Therapeutic treatments like venous compression, laser, ultrasound and sport taping
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Rheumatology
  • Biomechanical assessment and gait analysis (the way you walk)
  • Orthotics and walking casts

The Chiropodist is now funded to offer offloading services for individuals living with diabetes who have foot ulcers.  Foot ulcers in people living with diabetes can result in serious complications including amputation.

Due to the volume of individuals with more complex foot care needs, the Chiropodists do not offer basic nail care.  Those services are offered by many individuals in the community.

You do not need a referral and you do not need to see a doctor or nurse practitioner at the Health Centre to access these services.  Fill out the application form below or call 519-768-1715 for more information to discuss your needs.

Printable Chiropody Brochure

Application for Chiropody Services