Dear Client of Mental Health Services,

In response to the pandemic all counselling appointments will be offered by telephone only.  Your counsellor will call you at the scheduled appointment time.  Please do not attend the Health Centre in-person for counseling appointments.  Please call to reschedule any missed telephone calls.  As of this time in-person appointments will only be scheduled after April 30, 2020.  Thank you for your understanding.  

For all other inquiries, please call us at 519-768-1715.


Our Mental Health Team recognizes that this may be a very stressful time for individuals and communities.  It's normal to feel some stress and anxiety.  It's also very common for people to display great resilency during times of crisis.

This is absolutely the time to lean on each other.  Even if we can't be close physically, we need to stay close emotionally.  So, while you are staying in, stay in touch with each other and reach out if you need help.

The Mental Health Team has put together some resources and suggestions to help support your mental health at this time of uncertainty.  We encourage you to use and share the resources on this document:

COVID-19 Resources Mental Health

We provide free, private counselling services to support people addressing many different challenges.  We assist people of all ages who are experiencing a crisis or facing ongoing challenges that have been around for awhile.

Examples include:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Anxiety or Worry
  • Grief and Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Parenting
  • Abuse
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Relationship and Family Problems

In addition to counselling, the Mental Health team can help clients to access housing, financial and crisis management services, or provide Psychiatry or Psychology services to children and youth clients of the Health Centre.

You do not need to see a doctor or nurse practitioner at the Health Centre to access these services. All residents of West Elgin and Dutton-Dunwich municipalities are welcome.  You can make a self-referral by filling out the application form below or by filling out a referral form at the Health Centre's reception.

The Introduction of Virtual Counselling

The Mental Health Team is now offering appointments virtually through OTN.  OTN is compliant with Canadian privacy legislation regarding personal health information (i.e. PHIPA and PIPEDA) and neither stores any of your personal health information.

Requirements for Counselling Using OTN

  • You will need a computer or device with internet access as well as a camera and microphone (eg. laptop or mobile phone).  You will need a telephone in the same room and to provide your Therapist with an emergency contact number.  This will allow your Therapist to reach you if the session is suddenly interrupted or stopped.
  • You will need a location with sufficient lighting and privacy that is free from distractions (including television or cell phone) or interruptions.
  • It is recommended that you use ethernet (a cable) and not wifi.  If that is not possible, limit other wifi using devices to try to get the strongest signal.
  • Your Therapist will provide you with an email link to the appointment.  Please arrive on time.

Virtual Counselling Consent Form

Walk-In Counselling 

The 3rd Thursday of every month will be reserved for walk-in appointments for individuals over the age of 17 who are on the wait list. (PLEASE VERIFY THE NEXT DATE ON THE WEBSITE CALENDAR).  You may call 1 day in advance to book an appointment or choose to walk in to the Centre.  During this visit you will be offered a single-session only.  Whether or not you choose to attend one of these appointments will not affect your place on the waiting list. 

Please note we will strive to offer this service on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  In order to accommodate staff schedules this may change.  Please check the program calendar on our website ( to verify the date that single session appointments are available to you. 


  1. Bounce Back – Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) self-help course with free professional coaching available
  2. Big White Wall – Online peer-support monitered by professionals

Click Here for a detailed list of partners and links to their websites.

Click Here for links to more resources to help with coping strategies and improving your mental wellbeing.

Click Here for where to go for help if you are an adult, youth, or child in crisis.

We are taking referrals for all ages.

 (Complete and submit in-person, by fax or mail service)


Click Here For Informed Consent Form for Counselling

Click Here For Informed Consent Form for Counselling for a Child

Click Here For Informed Consent Form for Counselling for a Youth

CLICK HERE FOR REFERRAL FORM Please do not e-mail the completed form.

Individuals interested in accessing youth mental health services can also contact:

Oxford-Elgin Child and Youth Centre

99 Edward Street (St. Thomas)


OECYC provides walk-in counseling services at their St. Thomas location every Thursday from 10am-6pm.

**NEW*** Western-Elgin Mental Health and Addictions Resource Guide 2018 

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