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A Heart Warming Thank You for Our Community Support Services for Seniors
Dear Bettyjo, when my mother suddenly became housebound three years ago, but desperately wanted to stay in her own home, I was panicking trying to figure out how I could accommodate her wishes from a long distance (I live 300 kms away). You cannot begin to imagine the relief I felt when I discovered the services being offered to assist seniors through the West Elgin Community Health Centre. Within one day of meeting with you, my mom was hooked up for Meals on Wheels (fresh meals delivered three times weekly and frozen meals to supplement the fresh), volunteer transportation services which allowed her to continue participating in at least some social functions (and let's not forget the gentle reminders from staff and volunteers when she forgot about events, advice and assistance connecting me with the CCAC (now LHIN) services, and assistance connecting me with someone I was able to hire as a part-time companion for my mom. I know there were other services also available, which my mom did not partake of, but it was a huge comfort to know they were there if needed. It is only because of the services you were able to offer that my mother was able to spend an additional two years living in her home. I would like to take this opportunity to formally extend my thanks and gratitude for what you and your organization were able to do for my mother. From the bottom of my heart. About 12 - 18 months ago I attended a seminar here in Ajax, Ontario. The focus of the seminar was putting together a plan to make our community more age friendly. Your Centre was mentioned as the FIRST such pilot project in Ontario. Please, please, share with those higher up what a Godsend your Centre is and encourage them to adopt your model across the province as quickly as possible. A 'one stop' solution at its finest. Thank you again for everything. Eva McLean, on behalf of my mother Eva Kirschner