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Our Annual Holiday Dinner
"Thank you and the rest of the staff so much for all the time and work put into this event plus everything else you do. Your efforts are truly appreciated and inspirational. God bless you all!"

My spouse also enjoyed the event.  He was inspired to ask the farmer he works for to donate a pig for next Christmas or another event.  I said I would check with you first.

Even the kind thoughtfulness of the beautiful centerpieces continue as an extension into the community of the inspirational generosity of the event / season that will carry into the New Year.  I found out that Mom gave away her centerpiece to a fellow resident who was sad for not attending the event due to health.  I gave Mom mine yesterday not only to pay it forward but also to give her another opportunity to make someone else happy if she so chooses.

Merry Christmas!  God bless you, all the staff and all your families.  I wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year!

Message received from a Community Member/Volunteer of the Centre